What is the Harley Davidson Culture?

For people who own a Harley Davidson, the culture is to always help the other in need. The Harley Davidson culture is like a family, they respect each other and they travel in packs of from 50 up to 500,000 people. They do cross country tours with their bikes. The Harley Davidson was there for every major war of the past 100 years and received four Navy “E” awards for excellence in war time production. Some believe that it was the war veterans who started the Harley biker culture. Veterans came home from war and went out and bought Harley's because they fell in love with the bike when they were at war. These bikers would ride their Harley's with strong American pride and at the same time they would remember their fellow soldiers whom they fought with but who perished for our freedom.

These veterans evolved into these rough bikers with leather jackets, tattoos, and long hair. These bikers may look hard and tough but they are very friendly people who will help others in need. When a fellow bikers is in need, other bikers passing by know that this person is a friend and are almost always willing to help them out. There are other associations with biker culture where fellow bikers will cruise around and hang out with each other.

Not all bikers are tough guy with tattoos and long hair, there are bikers who are musicians, artists, businessmen, politicians, students, women, men, senior citizens, teenagers, Americans, Asians, and Europeans. The Harley bikers do not discriminate which is why the Harley culture is so widespread and legendary.




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